Brand Camp BETA

Turn your passion into a profitable brand

Do you have an idea that


bring to life?

A business you've been wanting to get off the ground so you can finally have freedom from the 9-5? OR an idea you've been hustling on but just haven't seen the traction you'd hoped for?

Good news lady. You've come to the right spot.

At Brand Camp you're going to learn how to turn your passion into a profitable brand that you are ridiculously proud of.

let me guess..

You have a VISION for your life

You do work that you love AND have freedom over your time
You feel purpose driven AND also financially successful
You are proud of your work AND the attention it receives

BUT there's something standing in the way

You're just not sure HOW to get there
trying to figure it out has you feeling overwhelmed

Don’t worry. You’re not crazy, you’re not alone, and you’ve come to the right place.

Who is my audience? What’s my tone of voice? Why am I different from everyone else?


Trying to tackle all of those questions on your own can be downright intimidating.
But, it doesn’t have to be! In fact building your brand should be fun.
And, when you know what to do, the whole process can actually feel really easy and empowering.

That's exactly what you will discover when you come to Brand Camp.

What is Brand Camp BETA?

Brand Camp is an 8-week video based training program that teaches women how to build wildly successful brands they are ridiculously proud of while bringing them into community with other bossbabes.

BETA is the first class of Camp where students will have the exclusive opportunity to share feedback on the teachings and shape the course to best meet your needs.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an ambitious business owner, Brand Camp will give you the roadmap for building a business fueled with passion, purpose, and profit.

During your 8 weeks at Brand Camp you will learn how to build a rock solid brand strategy that sets you up for long-term success, design a distinctive brand identity infused with personality, and captivate the customers who want to connect with you.

When you leave Camp you'll have a complete playbook for attracting more customers, sales, and attention for your brand in order to grow your biz like crazy.

Brand Camp Beta is now in session.
Join the waitlist to get your Brand Camp brand building cheatsheet and get notified when Camp opens for Summer enrollment.

Who is Brand Camp for?

If you’ve got a big mission and vision for your business you know that it’s about so much more than just selling your products and services. It’s about connecting with people and truly making a difference. Brand Camp has been designed for:

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

You have a creative passion and burning desire to turn it from a hobby or side hustle into your 9-5. You’re a go-getter and daydream believer. The corporate train- nah, that’s not your ride. You are ready to BYOB (build your own brand) and put yourself in the driver’s seat.

You have the idea for your business but don’t know where to start or how to bring your dreams to life. You are ready to fast track your progress and get your dream business off the ground.

Ambitious Business Owners

You are a creative, maker, freelancer, educator, service provider, or shop owner who has started her business but hasn’t seen it take off like you’d hoped.

You know you need branding that stops your customers in their tracks so they can’t help but think, ‘Yes! This brand is for me.’

You want to learn the strategies to finally breakthrough all the noise, get your brand noticed, and reach the success you know is just ahead of you AND you want a system that will allow your brand to stay strong as your business and team grows.

Strategic Team Leaders

You are part of a team and have been tasked with growing your company’s brand...but you’re not sure where to begin.

It’s not clear who you should be targeting, what you should be selling, who you should be partnering with, or what you need to do in order to grow a bigger fan base.

You’re ready to bring clarity to your team about what your brand is, who it is right for, and what you need to do in order to get to the next level.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I’ve had this idea for a product I want to launch but I just don’t know where to start. I feel nervous about putting myself out there and I when I do I want to feel really good about it.
  • I’m struggling to figure out who my customers are, or should be, and how to connect with them in a way that feels genuine and authentic.
  • I have a hard time explaining what my brand does in a way that’s easy to understand but also compelling and gets people excited.
  • I stress about figuring out my brand voice and unique personality and am freaked out I’m going to get it wrong.
  • I’ve spent time and money trying to design a website for my brand only to have it feel not quite right.
  • What I’m posting to social media doesn’t make me feel great about my brand but I don’t know how to fix it.
  • I know I have a great product but I can’t seem to attract and convert the right customers.
  • I feel like there’s so much I’m supposed to be doing that I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to be doing first.

Yes? Then, Brand Camp is exactly where you need to be. This is the place to finally figure out what the heck you’re brand is all about and how to gain the kind of attention it deserves.

How Brand Camp works

Brand Camp BETA is structured over 8 workshops, each made up of 2 - 5 video based lessons. One workshop will be released per week and comes jam packed with videos, slides, and worksheets to guide you every step of the way.

All of the trainings are contained in the private campers-only course site. Once all 8 workshops have been released you will have lifetime access to the materials. Plus, as a beta tester you will get free and lifetime access to Brand Camp and all the bonus material once it's been officially launched.

Best of all, you won’t be in camp alone. Each class is added to a private Facebook group so you can get support and feedback from me and your fellow campers along the way. This is also where weekly live office hours will be hosted for group discussion and real-time feedback on your questions.

As a BETA tester you will be asked to share your feedback throughout the course on the teaching materials and style. This is your chance to help co-create a course that is exactly what you need.


What You'll Do at Camp

Here's a look at the exact course curriculum so you can make sure the training is right for you.

In this introductory module, you will learn how to get the most out of your time at Brand Camp and set yourself up for success.

Lessons covered in this workshop:

  1. How to use this course: Watch the introductory lesson that explains in detail how to go through this course and get the most from it.
  2. Online & offline organization: Follow my step by step guide for getting organized both on and offline including my recommended tools and resources.
  3. Community: Meet your other campers in the Brand Camp private Facebook group and learn how to use this space to get feedback and support throughout the course.

In this workshop you will learn how to establish what your brand is known for, how it’s perceived, and what it takes to win over the hearts of your customers.

Lessons covered in this workshop:

  1. Defining your brand positioning: Learn how to find your brand’s unique & ownable niche in the market and explain what your brand does with grace & ease.
  2. Telling your brand story: Learn how to use the power of storytelling to bring greater meaning and human connection into your brand.
  3. Establishing clear brand values: Learn how to create a system of values that communicate what your brand stands for and how you do business.
  4. Writing your brand mission: Learn how to elevate your brand above just the products & services you sell and connect it to a bigger purpose that resonates with your audience.
  5. Writing your brand vision: Learn how to create your brand’s north star - what you aspire for your brand to become.

In this workshop you will learn how to determine who the best customers are for your brand as well as how to find them, capture their attention, and earn their trust, loyalty, and dollars.

Lessons covered in this workshop:

  1. Defining your specific customer niche: Learn to identify who your brand is best suited for and how to communicate that in order to capture the attention of this audience.
  2. Conducting amazing market research - for free: Learn my systems for discovering where to find your perfect customers, learning exactly what they want, and getting them excited to buy from you.
  3. Creating customer personas: Learn how to create detailed dossiers of your ideal customers that help you make better, faster decisions about what to sell and how to communicate with them.

In this workshop you will learn how to develop a brand that goes beyond a logo by infusing it with depth, emotion, and a signature style.

Lessons covered in this workshop:

  1. Creating a brand persona: Learn how to draw out your brand's unique character and bring to life your brand’s purpose and values.
  2. Establishing your brand pillars: Learn a simple system for structuring how your brand looks, talks, and behaves.
  3. Building your mood board: Learn how to create a visual reflection of your brand persona and begin laying the foundation for your brand identity.
  4. Finding your brand voice: Learn how to define how your brand communicates and coin your signature words & sayings.

In this workshop you will learn how to build a beautiful brand identity that authentically reflects your business and attracts your ideal audience.

Lessons covered in this workshop:

  1. Choosing your brand colors: Learn the principles of color theory and how to select colors that best reflect your brand personality.
  2. Selecting your brand fonts: Learn how to choose fonts with intention that compliment your color pallet and add depth to your communication.
  3. Creating your brand logo: Learn the anatomy of a logo and how to design one like (or with) a pro.
  4. Developing a visual style: Learn how to define your visual style, use icons and patterns effectively, and create clear photography guidelines.

In this workshop you will learn how to practically apply your brand purpose and style across your website and social media to create an online presence that sells.

Lessons covered in this workshop:

  1. Building your brand website: Learn how to build a website that draws customers in and turns them from browsers into buyers.
  2. Setting up Social Media: Learn how to set up your social media profiles to attract a followers and increase engagement.

In this workshop you will learn how to practically infuse your brand purpose and style into your packaging, branded collateral, and retail space - and why this matters even if you don't sell physical products.

Lessons covered in this workshop:

  1. Creating wow-worthy packaging: Learn how to bring to life your brand values and personality through your product packaging.
  2. Designing swoonable swag: Learn how to create merchandise that turns your customers into a loyal tribe of die hard fans.
  3. Making space: Learn the secret to designing a space that gets your customers buzzing about your brand.

In this workshop you will learn how to deliver a consistent experience to your customers no matter where they find your brand. You will also learn how to effectively work with designers and other creatives you hire.

Lessons covered in this workshop:

  1. Building a brand book: Learn how to package your newly developed brand guidelines so they can be shared with your team and partners.
  2. Working with designers: Learn how to write a creative brief and deliver it to designers so that the work that is delivered perfectly reflects your vision.
  3. Evaluating creative: Learn how to determine if something is on / off brand and how to keep your creative consistent from point to point.
  4. Conducting brand health checks: Learn how to complete a brand audit and to evolve your brand over time.

Why Come to Camp

Brand Camp is structured to help you make the course materials actionable without feeling overwhelmed. When you join Brand Camp you’re not only getting trained but you’re getting brought into a supportive community of other women who want to see you succeed.

The Brand Camp curriculum has been set up to take you through the process of building your brand from A-Z. It’s designed to be your roadmap and to guide you every step of the way. The workshops are broken down into bite sized video lessons that are packed with knowledge but easy to consume.

At the end of every workshop you will be prompted to put what you’ve learned into action. Workbooks, cheat sheets, and templates will be provided make it as easy as possible to implement the lessons. You will move forward one step at a time in a way that feels totally achievable.

Inside of the private Facebook group you will have the chance to connect with other campers, join group discussions, ask and share feedback on your branding and get support not only from me but from a community of likeminded bossbabes who want you to succeed.


It’s Time to Earn Your Brand Badge.

When you take time to build your brand you’re making an investment that will take your business to the next level. You’ll stand out from the crowd. You’ll find and attract your fan club. And, you’ll feel completely confident that what you have to offer is awesome.


Having a strong brand gives your business that extra edge and gives YOU:

  1. CONFIDENCE: You know exactly what your brand stands for. You feel damn good about the way it shows up. And you feel completely in control.
  2. CLARITY: You know what makes your brand unique, who it’s for (and who it’s not), and how to bring that to life through everything you do.
  3. CASH MONEY: You know how to emotionally connect with an audience so they turn into customers and soon enough loyal fans and advocates.

Meet Your Camp Counselor

Brand Gals-Toast Meets Jam-86.jpg

Hi! I’m Jen and I’m here to help women turn their passions into bold brands people are obsessed with.

I kicked off my career in brand marketing at Procter & Gamble, called by Forbes, "a great training ground that produces powerful business and marketing leaders capable of building iconic brands and empowered organizations that produce sustainable results.

Needless to say, during my time there, I fell in love with branding and learned A LOT. Though the experience was the best in the world, I'd found a calling to use what I'd learned to help up and coming businesses figure out their branding.

I’ve spent the past few years getting to know women entrepreneurs and their startup stories while building a brand of mine own. I’m also a regular contributor to the Entrepreneur Network where I share my interviews and brand building tips.

I developed Brand Camp using the proven strategies I’ve learned and applied to my work with Fortune 100 brands, venture backed businesses, small business owners, full time bloggers, and everything in between. And now, I’m ready to pass all of that brand goodness onto you all.

In this step by step program you’ll learn how to turn your business idea into a brand that’s irresistible. Using proven brand building strategies you will gain clarity on what makes your brand unique, who your audience is, and how to attract and grow a following without spending a dollar on ads.

“Jen Hacker is a terrific brand builder! She brings a combination of well thought thorough strategic thinking, customer insight and flawless execution. She knows how to give customers what they want and consistently exceeds my expectations!”

- Teresa Orsolini, CMO, Swell Investing

I've been there too

Before I figured out my branding

My first venture into building my business was blogging. When I first got started I hadn't taken time to figure out my branding. As I result I...

  • Wasn’t clear who my audience was, except that I wanted to attract women in their 20’s and 30s.
  • Didn’t have brand guidelines and looked different everywhere my brand showed up.
  • Struggled to explain what my brand was all about, offering something different each time I was asked.
  • Tried all of the tricks of the trade but couldn’t grow a following despite countless hours of effort.

After I figured out my branding

When I decided it was time to start treating my blog like a business, I knew branding wasn't something I could continue to ignore. Once I took time to focus on my brand I finally...

  • Felt crystal clear on who my audience was
  • Had set guidelines for my logos, fonts, colors, and visuals and was able to create a consistent look and feel.
  • Knew exactly what my brand was about and felt confident delivering my elevator pitch.
  • Cultivated an engaged community of 40,000 strong, caught the attention of PR agencies, the media, and brand partners.

All of which I knew would happen once I put in the work.

What I didn't anticipate, was that in the year after my rebrand I would also...

  • Be invited to become a regular contributor to the Entrepreneur Network and get featured on Entrepreneur.com, MSN, Yahoo!, GirlTalk HQ, Career Contessa, and Quarterlette.
  • Take TWO fully sponsored trips (Iceland and Hawaii) to cover stories on entrepreneurship.
  • Grow my Instagram following 20x.
  • Land my first 5 figure brand sponsorship.
  • Go from $0 revenue blogging to becoming a full time content creator and brand consultant.
  • Get invited to attend and speak at events around the world.

What’s holding you back?

Isn’t it about time everything you’ve dreamed of happening for you and your brand came true?

Brand Camp Beta is now in session.
Join the waitlist to get your Brand Camp brand building cheatsheet and get notified when Camp opens for Summer enrollment.

Risk Free Guarantee

Brand Camp is a new course designed to transform the lives of women entrepreneurs by giving them the tools to build wildly profitable brands they are ridiculously proud of. As part of the Beta Test group YOU are part of helping to achieve that mission.

You will have 3 weeks to try out the materials totally risk free. If after getting into the course, you feel that Brand Camp isn't a fit reach out to support@jenamiller.co for a hassle free refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about the Beta test?
Brand Camp BETA is an exclusive training experience that gives you the opportunity to be among the very first to go through the course. As a Beta tester you will have the opportunity to provide feedback that will shape what is taught in the course and how the course is delivered. During Beta, course workshops will be dripped out one per week so that feedback can be collected and implemented along the way. Bonus modules and materials are not included in the Beta. However, all Beta testers will get free access to the full course package and bonuses once it has been officially launched. As a Beta tester you're provided lifetime access to all course materials for a steeply discounted 50% off rate.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts March 26th. One module will be released per week with the last released on May 14th. Once all of the materials have been released you will have lifetime access to the course. It is self-paced so you can decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 3 weeks for a full refund.
Do I really need all of these steps or can I jump ahead to designing my logo and website?
Consider this, the average professionally made logo will cost between $200 - $5,000 and a custom website can set you back anywhere from $6,000 - $15,000 on average. Without having a strategy for your brand in place before you start design, you run a high risk of wasting both your time and money. While designers might be able to deliver something beautiful without having much to go on, it will be very hard for them to deliver something that specifically brings your vision to life. Investing in your brand strategy in the beginning will ultimately lead to fewer headaches and heartaches while setting you up for long term success.
I already have a brand, do I need this?
Do you feel like the way your brand is currently showing up in the world is setting you up for success? Are you proud of what you’re putting out? Are you attracting the right types of customers? Are you clear about what you are building? If you answered no to any of these, feel like you need to refresh your brand, or are ready to take it to the next level, Brand Camp is just what you need.
I’m not yet ready to take my business full time, is that okay?
Absolutely. There are two thing we want you to consider. First, you have to build the business you want to run. Second, no one is going to take your business seriously until you do. I love and respect the side hustle. The work you do in Brand Camp will set you up to scale your business at whatever pace makes sense for you.
How much time will it take?
I recommend between 4-6 hours per week to watch the course content, complete your action assignments and — if you’d like — engage with me and the others campers in our online community. You have lifetime access to the course, so you can go through the trainings each week as they’re released, or slow things down and work on your own schedule.